Since 2016 our team has worked at the Chair of Architecture and Art of Professor Karin Sander at ETH Zurich, where we have researched 3D scanning, 3D modelling, and 3D printing. Since 2019 we have concentrated on researching state-of-the-art visual communication methods in architecture, game design and on interactive content on social media platforms. In 2022 we have formed Hybrid Reality Research group with the main focus on augmented and virtual reality as well as on 3D scanning using photogrammetry.


We use the term ¨Hybrid Reality¨ which describes the coexistence of physical and digital spaces. Augmented reality is applied as an extension of our physical space; virtual reality exists as a parallel to our physical space. Through the research, we use this narrative to define the moment of transition from analog to digital and investigate the in-between emerged spaces. In our teaching, we introduce virtual reality to students as an architectural design tool. Our students experiment with VR tools and explore the essence of digital worlds.



Our methodology is based on a completely new way of experiencing space. VR modelling allows a fully immersive, real-time, 1-1 scale space creation that is inseparably connected to the physicality of our body. We propose an innovative didactic method that explores the corporeal design of architecture and reinvents conventional techniques like sketching or model making. Thus, we are testing the boundaries of contemporary architecture and exploring unknown territories of spatial cognition.


In recent years we have organized multiple elective seminars and courses for students at ETH Zurich as well as participated in art projects such as virtual reality exhibition ¨Karin Sander¨ in Kunstmuseum Winterthur, 360-video series of the exhibition ¨Karin Sander – Skulptur/ Sculpture/Scultura¨ in Museum of Modern Art Museion or mixed reality exhibition ¨What You See Is Not What You Get¨ with Karin Sander in Gallery Esther Schipper in Berlin. Currently, together with AI Center ETH we are working on an exhibition for 60th anniversary of the Swiss Embassy on Seoul (as part of Swiss Korean Innovation Week) that will cover topics such as digitalization and meta-tourism.